Out Of Body Understood

astral travel


It has been estimated that around one in ten people will have an out of body experience at some time.

With so many people having this experience and offering such a large amount of data for study, it becomes impossible to dismiss astral travel as an imaginary incident. Sometimes certain people undergo this phenomenon suddenly without any pre-posted signals.

This may be cases due to high mental or physical trauma or may be due high dose of psychedelic drug invasion into the body.It can also be due to reaching in a state of trance or coma.

Mentally encourage the tingling sensation you’ll feel in your body.Dismiss any conscious thoughts that come into your mind and continue breathing deeply and gently. Out of body experience starts generally with vibrations and rapid heartbeat.One should calmly let phase to be continued,one should let the heart,mind and soul take over this vibrations.One would soon find himself going out of his own body,and getting into the out of body experience in a new astral world.

The breaths you take should come from deep down inside.As your breathing slows down, focus more and more on relaxing your body. Starting from your toes and working your way up, relax each part of your body.You can do this by gently tensing, then relaxing each part as you work towards your head or simply focus on relaxing each part as you exhale. You can also tense each part of your body as you go and then breathe out that tension as you exhale.Once you are totally relaxed you are ready for the next stage of successfully managing to astral project.

Many children actually astral project without being aware of what they are doing.It happens usually when the body is relaxed or even when they are asleep.Time and distance do not mean anything when talking about astral projection.The astral body can travel without these considerations. You might be wondering just what your astral body is.Your astral body is a non-physical double of your physical body which is made up of your unconscious will and desires.

It’s not visible to the eye, but is no less real for that.It is tied to your physical body by a silver cord to ensure that it can always find its way back to your body no matter how far away it may travel. This silver cord was attached at the moment that the astral body entered the physical body, and cannot be cut until the astral body departs from the physical body for a final time in death.This silver cord is what keeps the astral body from straying away.

Unless you experience entities or beings that will cause psychological damage to you or drain your energy, astral projection is extremely safe.Generally, people fear separating from the physical body because the entities they fulfill when this takes place are not so welcoming.If you can safeguard yourself and can keep your vibration as high as it ought to be, you will have a secured and safe experience. Also, as long as you are have fantastic abilities in psychic self defense which you can keep your fear and panic in check astral projection experience can never ever get hazardous for you.

If you can not put up with the astral bullies, you can call for aid from your angels as well as guides. They will feed on your energy if you are not cautious enough. It is more like flying a plane.While inside the plane, as long as you have your tray table in the upright position, your seat belt on and you are aware of the treatments for safety simply in case the plane crashes, the flight is safe.The idea of the aircraft brings us to the problem of flights.Because you have actually when dreamt about flying does not necessarily imply that you are astral projection, simply.

If you at some point wake up on your bed, then astral job and go flying, then you can be certain that you are astral projection. A random flying dream does not make you astral.

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